Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites-Songs

This list was a hard one to make (I know, rough life, boo hoo) and I'm not fully satisfied with it. I would most certainly make a list of only-Beatle songs but perhaps that will be for another Friday. I had pizza today, it was well deserved (thanks to ASU Library Storage)! School starts next week and I am less than thrilled for some reason. I enjoyed my relaxed class in July followed by a relaxing three weeks off and now feel spoiled. This 8-week session will more than likely be coupled with long nights, long commutes, and long hours of homework. It's what I asked for and what I want and I'm sure come Monday, will appreciate something new to keep me busy--or to give more life to my routine, depending on how positive I plan on being. Either way, here's to just reaching the halfway point (credit-wise) with my Master's program! Who knows how a second baby will affect the plan, but I look at it much differently than I did during my undergrad, kid-free time at ASU; passing up opportunities to travel, be at home, go out with friends, etc.--anything--for school. The priorities have flipped now, (though no, I will not skip out on class to hit it up on Mill Avenue) primarily in family life and the desires, but obligations that lie there. That's the way I like it and it has been a good self-help way to exercise anxiety control and time management. If I have a sick *contagious* child and can't attend class (such was the case several months ago) I am ok. If I have advanced plans to visit family in another state, that comes first. If I have a newborn, a toddler, a c-section recovery, and a husband finishing up dental school, I won't balk at the idea of possibly postponing a class or an entire Master's program, and I certainly wouldn't want to be anywhere else than home--not even school. I believe in taking your education, in whatever arena it may be, as far as you can, but never hesitating to place family life first and foremost.  
Us in California last week. Elliott is not a big picture person, but is a good sport and, to his credit, was a little more smiley as the snapping and clicking wore on. Like his bic'ed hair? Yeah, it could take a little getting used to but I'm doubtful it will stay this... shiny... for long. He got his top braces off Wednesday (I missed the ball with another photo-op there) and his perfect teeth are no longer hidden behind the wire. 

Songs to keep me sane:

Bixby Canyon Bridge-Death Cab for Cutie
First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes
What Sarah Said-Death Cab for Cutie
Pitseleh-Elliott Smith
I'll See You In My Dreams-Joe Brown
Brand New Colony- The Postal Service
Old Friends/Bookends Theme- Simon and Garfunkel
All These Things That I've Done-The Killers
Snails- The Format
Pablo Picasso- Citizen Cope


Kathryn said...

I like this post! Since I finished my undergrad, I've never really felt satisfied and like I was "done." I wanted to do more, but I also didn't want to put off kids any longer. So, I put it off for a few years and now I'm trying to push myself to do it once I'm home with the baby. Ugh! So hard. Good for you Alisa! You'll finish and have two cute kiddos!

miss chaz. said... long as you fit in Mill Ave lunches in there somewhere;) Babies allowed.

You are getting SO CLOSE!

P.S. I really like this picture