Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hallow-haunts the Sequel

 Last night was the annual ASDOH Boo Bash--our last one ever! It is a bittersweet thing but Elliott is only 7 months away from graduating dental school and nothing can be more sweet than that. 
Do you like our fantastically homemade costumes?!
Beckett is a lightbulb, Elliott is a plug and I'm an outlet. And yes, the plug and outlet were engineered to "plug in" (with the end result being a glo stick wearing light bulb of a baby).

Get the metaphor? 

Oh, and please take notice of Elliott's even more perfect teeth (I didn't think that was even possible for him) but the braces are off and I can't get enough of his smile. His teeth are pretty much what drew me in like brilliant white tractor beams when I first met him (that and the red hair, of course). 

 Beckett was quite the lucky boy yesterday, having the opportunity to frequent TWO bounce houses in a matter of hours. The first one (below) seemed a little too daunting so he hung out on the steps (after spending the most painful hour waiting for the bigger kids to go inside) but we nudged forced him into the second later that night and he seemed to enjoy rolling around and being bounced by the other kids. At least it seemed like an efficient way to help toddlers learn stability and balance!   

 At Claire and Lily's lovely Montessori, they held a fall festival and Beckett and I were able to come with Brianne. It was "crazy hair" day as well (in case your were so concerned about the extremely long and bending spooks coming from Beckett's head) Aside from the outdoor carnival, there was an awesome reptile presentation inside and Beckett was  able pet his first giant iguana and Burmese Python. Ahh yes, I remember the first time I pet a Burmese Python, no I really do! It was pre-tty cool. 

Elliott and I are busy planning for our upcoming trip to Colorado--our happy place--and will do nothing but embrace the snow and cold. And let's not forget Beckett's first time Trick-or-Treating on Monday. Perhaps the parent costumes will stay at home though...

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Grammy Suzzy said...

Love. The. Costumes!!! You and hubby SHOULD wear them to Trick or Treat! So. Cute.