Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Utah

 Stocking stuffers. There is a picture out there of Elliott making an uncannily similar facial expression and holding a pair of sunglasses as well. 
  Smooches from Kris. 

 On the the Trax headed to Salt Lake. My new favorite picture of Elliott and Beckett.

  New Christmas Jammies

Singing to Nana with his new microphone. Beckett opened a present a day from Nana leading up to Christmas. He is impossible not to spoil. 
Christmas Eve 2011

I never thought I'd be a big "Utah" person, as in taking part of that "culture" within the Mormon culture. Neither of us really had close family there until Elliott's parents moved up a year and a half ago. I had only been up to their home once to visit (Christmas 2010) before this past Christmas. Each time we leave to come back to Arizona, I miss it just a bit more. The endless game nights, fun movies, and to die for food (both homemade and takeout) don't even scratch the surface of why Nana and Papa's is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. I so miss them--even Wilma and Weimaraner--and their warm home and am already dreaming about our next visit (with baby no. 2)! And I will admit, that I am pretty jealous of the weather (minus the inversion) and restaurants--both very important things to a pregnant girl. 

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Brianne said...

The pictures of you guys with Beckett on the train are adorable. We need to try the train to Salt Lake next trip...Claire keeps asking to ride on a train and to take a taxi.