Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keeping Busy

I've noticed that pregnancy ages your body about 10 years. Or at least it aged mine. I knew with my first pregnancy and postpartum recovery that most other 20 year-old's with the same quality of health and living as I had once easily enjoyed did NOT physically feel 30 or even older. I did, and maybe that was because my body was, according to statistical and "world" viewpoints, not quite to that baby making age. 30-year-old pregnant women, do you feel 40? Did you? I've noticed that diet, exercise, hair appointments, and fresh clothes, do not snap you back into that pre-pregnancy self alone (or in my case, do not keep you looking relatively refreshed throughout your pregnancy). 

Here are a couple of helpful and fun things that have made this go around much more enjoyable, and much easier, and I expect them to have a similar effect on my second time being postpartum: 
Because my eyes have aged.
Who ever really knows with eye creams, right? I can tell that those dark circles of mine have lightened but maybe it's because I want to believe it. Still love it, still worth a try, still feels oh so good and tingly when I apply. 

Because my skin has aged.
Certainly my favorite out there, and I hear they sell it at Sprout's! With Beckett, I bought some super fancy stretch mark oil and, because it was so expensive, used it sparingly (oops!)--though I still went through two bottles. It didn't work (though, with first babies-- and first babies that are nearly 10 pounds--who knows? It might not have regardless of my application frequency). Because of the inexpensive price, I apply this daily and liberally, and it has kept my belly as smooth and clear as a Buddha statue's. Plus, I have used it for 5 months and still have a quarter left. 

Because my body has aged.
 Look at that girl, so comfortable and secure while pumping her breast milk. That's going to be me. Count on it. No repeats of falling asleep while pumping in the middle of the night only to be startled awake by the feel of "spillage."

Because my feet have aged.
My baby/Christmas/necessity gift. As smooth a ride as ever and just as durable. Wish I would've just bought this stroller initially (and a separate carseat and lightweight frame) instead of falling victim to the whole "travel system" marketing trap that almost all new moms are prey to. 


Jenny B said...

I'd rather age 10 years than look like I've gained 10 pounds just in my face. That's the woe of my pregnancy. You look good!

By the way, I talked to my mom about that toy... she got it at Nordstrom. :)

Sara said...

Ok, you look fantastic. So just stop. Now. I don't think I felt 40 whilst pregnant. That being said, I think that pregnancy for sure takes a toll. It's not easy to single handedly grow a human in your belly while taking care of another one and c-sections can be rough. I noticed the more children I have, the more I have learned to relax and enjoy/tolerate the process of pregnancy and motherhood. You will hit your stride.