Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beckett Turns 2

Beckett turned two years old yesterday. My dearest, my oldest, is two. He knows his age. The other night he was having an especially hard time going to bed. I had placed him back into his bed several times, but 20-30 minutes later I'd hear a handle turn. I was tired and frustrated. On the final time I escorted him back to bed, I laid him down softly (after smelling his bum for a bomb) and held his hand, placing my face near his, and humming. He started to hum with me though the concept was difficult for him to fully grasp. I hummed "Baby Mine" from Dumbo and "The Second Star to the Right" from Peter Pan. It was going on 2 hours since this nighttime charade had begun, but I stared into his eyes, kissed his hand as if he were a little prince and hummed sweet and soft songs with the hope of sleep for him. I knew then, that there would be a time when there would be nothing I wouldn't give to be able to see my sweet baby almost 2 hours after he was supposed to be asleep. 

 Breakfast at JP Pancakes. 
 May 2 is also Claire and Bella's birthdays, but Beckett was so sweetly included in the festivities with them as well. 

The birthday festivities extended into two days and we will even have our second (or third?) annual Cinco de Mayo festivities at ASU Library Storage tomorrow incorporating graduation/birthday/and Hispanic Heritage into one Blue Whale-themed party (because it's that big).  

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