Saturday, April 16, 2011

All Together Now

I haven't gotten my hair cut (slash thinned) since July. Watch out whoever cuts it next weekend.
PS, my poor diabetic trooper of a mother dined on ice water while we devoured ice cream. Shameful, I know. 

Does anybody else besides us tear up every Sunday night while watching this? It is fascinating and inspiring to see how many small and large helping agencies are doing their own, simple, but meaningful contribution to the many low-socioeconomic neighborhoods in our country. Television and publicity politics aside, it's a very cool show and brings awareness to just how many non-profit organizations can benefit from volunteer work and donations, or even a simple, "Thank you." 

 I so can't wait to put these on Beckett. Yep, he's a full on walker and those Robeez, as darling as they still are, just won't cut it on asphalt during an Arizona summer. Heh, funny that I'm talking about TOMS, which is not unlike the purpose of Secret Millionaire. I'll be honest, I probably would have still bought them even if they didn't donate a pair to a child in need, but that's an added positive. 


Kathryn said...

Okay if I find out I'm having a boy, I'm going to buy those tiny TOMS right away!!! They are the cutest! Beckett will be stylin'.

miss chaz. said...

those tiny toms are to.die.for.

i've only watched one secret millionaire. so amazing. such a great concept.

you have the perfect amount of hair! i love it! i need mine trimmed too....ugh i don't want to. but i need to.....

Alisa said...

Kathryn, they have them in Pink, Purple and Silver for girls!! So darling.

Miss Chaz, you have the fullest, nicest, healthiest looking hair. EVER. And I'm so jealous of your Brazilian Blowout.