Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad.

Today my dad is 52.

Used to have 11 cats at once growing up.
Met my mother in Colorado (while attending vet school at CSU in Ft. Collins--a new temple site)!
Lives 2 blocks from the Phoenix Temple site (speaking of). 
Used to hold state track records for the mile and two-mile races (even though it was  1977... still cool). 
Once owned a rad Ford Thunderbird and would wash it with distilled water. It really was a pretty car, I must say.
Was the most penalized (but the best!) hockey goalie in his league during high school. Decades later, my jaw drops at seeing this guy ice skate.
Is a fully certified SCUBA diver who has achieved "Century Diver" status--meaning he has logged 100 dives. 
Is an interesting guy, to say the least, and is very fun, funny, and loved.
Last year at the temple. I was 8 months pregnant and accidentally rammed my hand into a cactus and had to ward off obscenities and tears to smile for the camera. 

Tomorrow we will all go to Mary Coyle's in Phoenix to celebrate (I have convinced Elliott to take me to "Last Chance" and "Smeeks" beforehand). My dad grew up in Central Phoenix (going to Central High School) and we have benefited from his knowledge of little restaurants brooming with the nostalgia of classic Phoenix. Sadly, Mary Coyle's will be closing in May, sharing the fate of so many established and seemingly timeless restaurants including Tucchetti's (home of the best pizza I will ever taste in my life--goat cheese) and Ed Debevic's. As dry and as urbanized Phoenix can seem to the unfamiliarized eye, it definitely claims some of the most unique and beloved shops and eateries around.

This all being said, happy birthday, Dad. Thanks for introducing us to so many special things in life; subtle and obvious.  


Waddie said...

Aweeee! Love your dad. Wish him a belated birthday for me. =)

peachytiffers said...

He is an awesome guy!!!

Maryjane said...

and most important he was my family's home teacher for a decade! woo woo! and don't even talk to me about ed debevics, i used to love that place back in the day!

Alisa said...

Ha ha, love it Janey! And thanks everyone!

miss chaz. said...

Sweet, sweet post! Happy Bday to him. I wish your Dad lived closer so he could be our vet.....