Friday, April 1, 2011

Playtime Pet Time

Last weekend we went to my parents' house in Glendale where Beckett had a free-for-all with the cat, dog, and piano. He likes to be well-rounded. My Dad the veterinarian loves introducing his pets to Beckett though, by the hysterical looks on both Little Gray Cat and Harry's face, they didn't love it. At all. Such is the life of a pet with a baby (as opposed to a baby with a pet). 
I am excited for the weekend. Well. It depends on how productive I am tonight with finishing my paper.

But I'm still excited.

 I have a strange obsession with elapsed time (it contributes to my overly vivid and sharp memory). I measure the months in General Conferences. I find myself giving quite a bit of thought in regards to where I was 6 months ago (last conference, in October). I had made the last minute (almost literally) decision to apply to NAU's Master's Program in School Counseling. I was prepping for the GRE. I submitted my admissions application in between sessions of Saturday conference. Here I am half a year later, well into my cohort and classes, bumbling about a paper. Tomorrow, Beckett is a month shy of turning 1 (let the festivities planning commence). Six months ago he had no hair. Six months ago, I was fantasizing of the wonderful land of magic called Disneyland with the hopes of taking my husband their to convert him to the happy dream. Unbeknownst to me then, we would have the opportunity to go twice (and he has become a humbled admirer of the park). Last conference my bathroom was a dull white. Now it is a tranquil silver sage. Ok, maybe that doesn't matter but it contributes to the strange obsession! I am in awe of time and it's ability to apathetically pass by no matter what happens in life. Frightening, but assuring. 

PS, Krista: can't wait to sign Beckett up for your fabulous piano lessons--even though it *may* be a few years down the road. 


c. claire said...

HAHA these picture = LOVE.
love those little feet.

YAY for the weeeeeekend!:) Conference weekends are my fav. I will not be at the games Saturday:( but hopefully I will see you very, very sooooooon. Happy Friday!

p.s. a possible sprinkles trip may or may not be made tomorrow. i can't get that banana cup cake out of my head!

c. claire said...

oh and it's me. chaz

c. claire is my alias.

and middle name.

Alisa said...

Love your alias Chaz!! My alias was "Alice" in high school because I was too dumb to think of a name that sounded different enough from my own.

We missed you yesterday, hope you had a fun Saturday--and hopefully got that banana!