Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As Long As You Are Here With Me-

 -This Will Feel Like Home.

Elliott and I on our Honeymoon in Beaver Creek, Colorado. We are standing on top of Glenwood Canyon at what we would perhaps consider our "Happy Place"--Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  
Oh to return soon. Today is our third wedding anniversary. I love this forever marriage of mine and this forever man of mine. Our lives have become much more comfortable, secure, and private. They have become natural and ours.  I admire the ground we have covered over these seemingly short, but lasting years, and am only more prepared and excited for whatever will come and cause us to progress. 

"When You Need Direction, I'll Be The Guide. For All Time." 


Grammy Suzzy said...

Happy Day...Happy Eternity!

miss chaz. said...

Happy 3 Year!!!!!:) Hope you guys are doing something special!

Alisa said...

Thanks you two! It was a super sweet and fun day.