Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Farm (Part 2)

For my birthday, Elliott surprised me with a night at the Twin Oaks Resort on the shores of the gorgeous Lake Metigoshe (in addition to THIS)! I had never heard of it either. I really am a big fan of isolated beauty and hidden wonders (New Zealand??), and this place was no different. 

 Jonny, Krista, and Pam very thoughtfully took care of Beckett for the night then met us up at the lake the next day for fishing. Max was a lot of fun to watch as he patiently and intently held the pole. He even had a few promising and exciting bites, but time would not allow us to stay too long.  
Beckett wouldn't let Elliott or I stay too long either, and we decided to take him back to our room for a bath (or swim?) in the whirlpool. Funny thing about a lot of these Midwestern states: iron water. I had never heard of it either... too. Aside from the startling sight, it's not really gross but... kind of like the harshest of any hard water you've heard of or felt. It actually started to stain some of the boys' clothes with a rust color before the plumber came. That's when I learned about a fascinating little product called "Iron Out." 
 Beckett and Max in Nana's and Papa's unisex treehouse--complete with roof hatch. Couldn't get enough of the camo juxtaposed with the pink. It was certainly one of the coolest treehouses I've ever been in.
Max loving Nana's "magic pumpkin patch" courtesy of the Bottineau, North Dakota Wal Mart. Beckett is of that age where a pumpkin will still topple him over so you throw him a gourd and let him have at it, but Max is a fun glimpse into the world of boys as their world only becomes that much more exciting as they become more aware of what's going on. The past few days of cooler weather have made me think of nothing but The Farm--now if only Arizona could jump on board with some greenery. 

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