Monday, October 24, 2011

Say Click, Take a Pic

 My good friend Jessica and I attended a free photography workshop in Gilbert on Saturday. The class focused on taking your camera from "auto" to "manual" settings, and I was beyond impressed at how thoughtfully they presented the techniques in an understandable and thorough way. Of course, I forgot a notebook to write tips and techniques down but never fear, I did have my camera to take a picture of the whiteboard. Special thanks to Jake Johnson and his crew for putting on this great and more than affordable class!
Jessica diligently practicing her photography skills. They said if we wanted to use the pictures of the model they provided, we had to ask her and get the rights etc. etc., but Jessica looks like a model and so I figured she would be just as photo-friendly--though I didn't ask her for the rights to use her picture. Whoops. We'll have to work out a contract later.  

In other news, Elliott and I  are soon to begin working on our homemade (it's evolved into tradition) costumes this year for the annual ATSU Boo Bash, not to mention Beckett's first time going Trick-or-Treating this year.  

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Sarah and Trent said...

Wow - I bet that was awesome. I wish I could have gone! Can't wait to see your costumes!!!