Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barrett Turns 3 Months.

Barrett turned 3 months yesterday. One week exactly after Beckett turned 2. Twenty-one months apart are my boys (yesterday, my doctor implored me to get an IUD and take a break from kids for a while). I am in the throes of school (notice how these age-related posts are a day late being that I had school the past two Wednesdays). While I love it, yesterday I found myself excessively sharing concern with my classmates over what the final semesters will entail for me and my two, young kids. It'll be just fine, but it's been a challenge indeed ensuring that my participation in school is healthy and does not overshadow or consume my primary and prioritized role as a mother. I am so glad I'm earning my Master's. I have questioned myself, doubted myself, and near given up on myself numerous times over the past year and a half, but I am already two-thirds of the way there and the times where I have felt encouraged and self-assured are motivation enough to persevere and feel reinforced that this has been a great and awesome experience. I will be grateful to share my educational endeavors with my children through putting into practice what I have learned, but moreover by example. 

But enough school. Little more can be said about Barrett than what already has. I suppose the exception is that he is even more so a sweet baby and even more so a happy and GOOD one. I love babies. Toddlers... I struggle with that age. Sorry Beckett. But babies... Babies will be my downfall. I will always miss having a little baby, a little doll. It will always keep me wanting just one more. I just have to remember that even the littlest babies grow up, and turn into toddlers, who turn into children, who turn into adolescents, who turn into... well, my age. 

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Aubrey said...

I love babies too: no talking back, adorable smiles, cuddles, everything is new, all the "firsts" ..... What's not to love??!