Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love is Old, Love is New; Love is All, Love is You

My anniversary is today. It is my favorite day of the year. It makes my eyes swell and my heart burn each time I think of this special day. It is the day that started off all future good days in my life. It is the day I became a wife and the day that allowed me to be a mother when the time became right. It is such a perfect day always. It is a day to remember each day until the calendar circles back to it the next year. My husband took me into his life and made me better for it on this day in 2008. Here's to four years together with no end my sweet husband... Ever.

Look at the seat of that bench bend! It's a little sad that they have removed the wooden benches from the temple grounds (at least in the cactus garden area). I guess I can only be too heartbroken or surprised. It took a good 5 minutes to get into that slightly awkward pose of mine (the dress was not forgiving in weight) and we were worried the bench would give out form under us the whole time. Still, it was one of our favorite moments of wedding pictures and we still walk by the area (where there's now a stone bench--certainly no ability for a leisurely reclining picture) and remember each time. 

 Beckett is exactly the same age today as Claire was in that picture (she is one of the three May 2 birthdays and had just turned two that year). It is fun to look back on her personality then and see who she is today as a six-year-old. Same, fun, personality, same sweetness!

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