Friday, April 16, 2010

38 Weeks

This is probably the only true picture I have actually taken on a "week mark" this pregnancy. 

Oh well. 

At least it's with my new camera!

Blame the blurriness on the crop job, not the camera. Sorry, have to defend my little gem until I learn how to use it and those little editing programs a bit better!

We have a few pictures from Easter but I don't think I'll take the liberty of posting them. I look a little too swollen/bloated/chubby for my preference--even my pregnant preference. 

I know, "I'm pregnant so I shouldn't care," right? Maybe. But if I didn't "care," even the slightest bit, I would have derailed even more and gained twice the pregnancy weight.

So there. 


Lauren said...

Seriously the cutest prego lady ever! Love your belly. :) You look fantastic! Can't wait to see your baby boy.

Jannicke said...

You look so cute! Enjoy the last couple of weeks, he will soon be here.

Grammy Suzzy said...

You, my dear Alisa, are absolutely lovely! Enjoy trying to get sleep, amid the kicking and squirming, and just the mere total effort it takes for a pregnant lady to roll over in bed! Can't wait to hear about yet ANOTHER grandbaby for Angie Day!! (So jealous!)

c h a z i l y n + p a t r i c k said...

you are such a cute prego girrrrl!!!!! yay! almost done:) oh and canon cameras are the best! those are all we use. you will love it.

The Payne-Rinne Family said...

Woman - you look amazing! I'm so excited for you. You're going to be an amazing mother, and you're going to love it! I hope we'll get to meet the little man before long.