Friday, April 30, 2010

I Guess I Never Understood "Nesting"

What is that? Honestly? I don't really think it's a pregnancy thing. I think it's a procrastinators vs. on-the-ballers thing. I was talking to my trusty special friend the other day telling her I really should "attempt" this nesting thing and either finish my schoolwork (you know, to graduate) or clean up the crap that's surrounding me in my house. She laughed saying it was funny how I was trying to "cram" a last minute nesting session in for delivery. Lately school has bled into personal life. I simply had to acknowledge that my laziness skills are quite capable of surpassing any so-called biological "nesting" phase. Anyway, the crap remains, the schoolwork undone, and the crib has a bratty cat and lovely crafted tissue poms in it that my sister-in-law, Krista, created for the baby shower. I plan on hanging them in the kitchen and baby room. Key word, "plan"(pictures to come of the poms and baby room--keyword, "to come"). I promise I wasn't always this unmotivated; THAT has been a pregnancy thing. I do try to remind myself that I am taking 18 credit hours, have been working 20-30 hours a week and am trying to prep for a baby. I also remind myself that work and school will go away and I can resolve to focus on family and home in due time (see two posts ago). 
After this post, the reigns will be returned to Elliott--sorry, I couldn't resist.
However, I am truly, TRULY happy that as of late, I've really been focusing on the truly important things:

(For a good laugh)
(For my only-increasing sweet tooth--as if that wasn't already possible)
(For my QT's)
(For obvious reasons)

Lots of love to everyone.

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chazilyn + patrick said...

YAY! haha i don't blame you ONE BIT for procrastinating the "nesting"'s not like you have THAT much spare time as it is!!!!! i think what you have accomplished during this pregnancy shows that you ARE WONDER WOMAN!!! :) haha

Yay for baby B coming today!!! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING!!!! we'll be thinking about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!