Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paul McCartney

I've had a bit of a delayed reaction to the Paul McCartney concert figuratively and literally (as I'm just getting to blogging about it now). I was, in so many words, stunned being there. Sadly, the pregnancy removed some of the immediate enthusiasm as my energy was certainly NOT there and I was getting tired very fast. It was worth every penny and effort to make it there a thousand times over and I felt as though if anything, it was more than just going because I wanted to listen to my favorite music, but rather pay homage to someone that had affected my life so deeply through that music. 

At the same time, I kept remembering how desperate I was during high school and early college to go to another show and find anyway to experience that same excitement of going again. This time, the excitement wasn't as explosive and I kept wondering why I wasn't screaming every second of the day in sheer joy (besides the desire to not drive my husband crazy).

Walking back to the car, I realized that I had just as much fun with Elliott during dinner (at the scrumptious Gordon Biersch) as I did at the show--regardless of who else was in the same room as me. It's as if 5 years ago, desperation to attend a Paul McCartney show was really a subconscious desperation to experience what he sings about most: home, love, communication, understanding, life. I know that within the past three years, I've truly attained those things (though most are a continuous process). 

That's the reason I love his music. 

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p a t r i c k + c h a z i l y n said...

Aw it's amazing how things change as we get older....when we realize that everything we could possibly want is right in front of us:) those are some good thoughts. and the show looked incredible.