Thursday, April 15, 2010


For my baby shower, Elliott surprised me with this little beauty. The reason? Well, according to the note accompanying the camera (that he sneakily planted in my car before I left for the shower), he simply made the point that if the baby is even half as cute as we know he's going to be, we HAVE to have something amazing to capture his life. 

Thank you baby. And I mean the full-grown one. 
Speaking of baby shower, a few special people in my life put together an amazing morning that I was able to enjoy with other special people in my life. Lot's of yummy food, fantastic people and to die for gifts.

By the way, I'm 38 weeks today.  And YES, I did take some pictures of the bump! But NO they won't be on here until tomorrow. Or Saturday. Depends on how productive I am with school. 

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