Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beckett Turns 4 Months. We Visit Storage.

This is Beckett in his "rugby outfit" that Gramma got him. Naturally, she saw it, was reminded of her rugby loving and occasionally playing son-in-law and got it for the next generation of potential rugby lovers and players. In other words, she thought it was pretttttty cute and so do I. Thanks Gramma. She and I have an eye for random, "This would be great for...!" moments. 

Since today was when Beckett and I made our weekly visit to where I used to work at the Polytechnic Campus (a swift 5 minute drive from home) I decided to document the visit for the special day. See, this magical land of books that I worked at many a semester is a graveyard for the old, neglected books from Hayden Library on ASU's Main campus. Here the books are dusted, organized by size, processed and given a new barcode/location and ultimately provided with a new home in here:
The Icebox. 

Why is it called the icebox you ask?
Alllll year long. This is especially nice in the summer. 

Don't mind the clock wall (Copyright Alisa Brennan 2009)... or the Michael Phelps poster. It took quite a few cereal UPC's for the bossman to get that little gem... orrrr the scanned picture of the baby's butt to forever seal his legacy as the "Storage Baby."  

The "Storage Baby."   


chazilyn + patrick said...


oh i love beckett's rugby outfit (or "roooogbiee" to be legit)

sorry for being a blog stalker/comment loverrr. you happen to update your blog at the right times...and i just love reading it. ok? when i get back from Cali (i'm leaving in t-minus 10 minutes) let's get together!! okk!!?

Kacey said...

Hooray for baby days! They certainly give us something to look forward to each week.

Alisa said...

I love getting together with you, Chaz!!! But I can't help but be a little envious--ok maybe hateful--of your Cali trip! Just kidding. You definitely deserve it though, working girl! Hope the weather is amazing!!

I think it's especially obvious that I love baby days when they make Beckett's 6 month appointment for Nov. 2 and my first thought is, 'But that's birthday day at Storage! Oh, I can come in after the appointment...'

Ryan and Lori Jones said...

cute blog and cute baby!!!! Im glad that you found my blog so that I was able to see yours!