Monday, September 20, 2010

My Uncle's Art

My mom's brother, Rich, is a phenomenal artist to say the least. He has worked for decades perfecting a craft that so few have talent for. Early last year, he put a number of his pencil drawings online to show friends and family. I would often show Elliott and say how I would love to have a custom drawing of my own (one day) or even just copies of some of his work in my house. My grandparents have several originals and I find myself eying them a little too often when we go visit.

Last Christmas, my sister, Apryl, decided once again to put the rest of us gift givers to shame (well, I can't forget Pam, who gave us the nostalgic Spot's and Elliott's old Spot book I had brag--er--blogged about earlier). For whatever reason I am still unsure of, Apryl was extra thoughtful of me. My love for my Uncle's art unbenounced to her, she asked/commissioned him to draw a portrait of me. 

Thanks Apryl!! 


Uncle Rich spent a number of years serving in the Air Force.

These two are my favorites (apart from the one of me of course). The work is stunning.

We all love cats. It's inescapable. This was for my great-grandfather. 


Embarrassingly enough, we have yet to have it framed. It remains covered and untouched in it's own little drawer so as not to smudge the pencil! 

Why still unframed? 

We want to do it right (custom frame, matted, not your typical Ikea Ribba...)

 They're a little expensive but not to worry, the art will have it's home soon enough. 

Thanks again so much, Rich. I love it.    


Misty Garrett said...

What a gorgeous portrait of you Alisa! It will look amazing professionally framed... please post pictures of the finished product!

Grammy Suzzy said...

These are just amazing! What a gift he has! Your's looks especially lovely!

Aubrey said...

that's really neat...he really is a great artist!

Holly said...

Hi Alisa! Can I ask a favor? Would you mind taking our last name off your blog list? Yah, I am one of those paranoid internet people :-) Thank you!!

Alisa said...

Thanks everyone, you're all too sweet! And Misty, I definitely will!! I need to keep a lookout for Aaron Brother's coupons!