Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September; A Month In Future Review.

Autumn in New Zealand. 
**Aside from what you may think from my last yogurt post, I do not have a digestive problem but rather was only trying to explain--visually--that I love yogurt, and I love yogurt that does more for my body than give it calcium and sugar. Plus I love lo-cal yogurt and these are the best of... those. I really don't have a problem that would require... that yogurt. SO LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING.**

Now. Onto a review of what this special month will bring.

Dove hunting:

Painting... maybe? Some of our house... maybe? 
 Paint samples from Restoration Hardware. Silver Sage (top center) is the obvious choice for laundry and bath rooms. Maybe I will just start and stop there so as to not wear out Elliott. I could probably paint the whole house in that color though let's face it.

A few albums:
^^more excited for this one!^^ 


A few tv shows:



And of course, the hope that just maybe Fall will start if I dress in Fall clothes. 

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