Saturday, September 11, 2010

Number 9.

I think what is most fascinating about this picture is the impending doom that the plane off to the side will bring in only a matter of seconds. 
I was able to visit the "temporary" memorial in 2006 before they fenced it all off to build the "permanent" memorial.
 It was quiet, empty and consuming. 
It fascinates me that, for as  "civilized" of a world we live in today, brutality comparable to that of the Middle Ages still thrives. 
 ‎"We will never forget." 

ps, I am typing in Times New Roman today because I strongly feel that it is the American font. 

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chazilyn + patrick said...

wow. incredible....crazy it's been 9 years. my dad was actually supposed to be at a meeting in NYC the morning it one of the towers. his meeting was cancelled the night before...the guy he was supposed to meet died in the tower. so yes, this is something i will never forget. i still can't believe it sometimes....

and yes, i agree that times roman IS the American font. ABSOLUTELY!