Thursday, September 23, 2010

If You Need Me.

Too bad.

 I'll be studying (actually cramming) for this:
Lots of school decisions to be made and SOON. 
Yeah, I'm addicted. 
No surprise, I am strongly considering applying for a Master's program for NAU. IN school counseling (not to be confused with school psychology).

Don't worry, I wouldn't turn my children into daycare cases. This program is short (meaning temporary) incredibly flexible and designed for people with full-time jobs--doable for me without extensive strain on my stay-at-home-mom life I cannot get enough of. Obviously there are little, but weighty details, concerns, feelings of excitement, pros, cons, payoffs and risks. 

Oh, and just kidding about the 'if you need me' thing. Part of what the word cramming means is to absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time because you need to have a real life too. I'm really not too busy. 
Don't leave me!?!

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chazilyn + patrick said...

YAY for SCHOOL! How exciting!!

And that picture below of you (by your uncle)...

A M A Z I N G!!!!!!