Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beckett Turns 6 Months and Learns to Drive

They don't call them Mini Coopers for nothing. 
Meanwhile, I could not stop laughing--serious tears streaming down my face--at these faces he was making through the glass of ASU Storage's official conference room (where all the important book business goes down). He repeatedly faceplanted right into the glass in an effort to eat it... Or catch the fish... And, if you look close, you can see the hangman game that was going on several... um... months ago to guess the hideous shade of yellow gracing the walls of storage ("Aurora Night").
Thanks for the 6 month cake, Kacey! Ironically, she brought in a cake for Beckett on the same day of her birthday! Selfless, selfless. Ok, maybe the cake was given to her and she brought it in to share and I made up my own special reason to come in and steal cake. Also, thanks to Mark for letting Beckett "drive" his car... and he also did most of the controlling of the wriggly baby. And of course, thanks to Joel for indulging me and my half-birthday celebrations and buying Beckett pretty much the coolest book ever. 
It had Koalas!
(The video that started it all)
Who wants to take a field trip to the zoo?? The temporary Koala exhibit recently opened and well... I want to see a good Koala fight-- despite the severe chlamydia epidemic striking the koala population. 


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Second row, last pic is awesome!

PS. I went to the zoo last week and you couldn't see one koala. Lame.