Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm a Lumberjack.

And I'm ok. 
I really am.
I just got accepted into NAU's Master of Education in School Counseling program. 
I'm excited. 
I'm THANKFUL because it really was more of a blessing and a divine hand working in my favor than anything else.  
I start this January and the plan is to finish in 2 or so years. 
Granted, since I've started the new adventure of having babies, it is nothing more than a plan that I will gladly postpone if needed. 

 Please note Tom Hanks (bottom far right).
I love school. 
And George Harrison.
You should really watch the entire "Concert for George" film, by the way. 
I also will always love love love my ASU.
 I'm thinking I want one of their sweatshirts for Christmas... As well as an ASDOH one to support my baby. 

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