Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallowhaunts Pts. 2 & 3

Pumpkin Carving at Chaz and Patrick's--thanks so much for having us! But... no thanks for the horrifying yet hillarious movie we watched--kidding! By the way, I had to steal this top one from you, Chaz, because I didn't have a SINGLE picture where someone wasn't either cut off or looking at another camera--seriously--that's what happens when we let our husbands play paparazzi with four different cameras
Left to right: Dental floss who's costume was in the other room, Olive Oyl, Bella Swan, Clara Bow
Left to rightCharlie Chaplain, Edward Cullen, Toothbrush who's costume was in the other room and Popeye... who's costume was in the other room.

You girls are all too fun, I had an amazing time, a must-do more often 

 Ok, ok I am a picture thief but seriously, too cute not to show! AND they thought of it BEFORE Jim and Pam.

Left to right: Pig, Boxer, Teeth guy, and Elephant.  
Again, we really like our teeth. I pretty much love all of the pumpkins here for their own reasons. 
They're awesome. 


Little Beckett had so much fun this weekend that he was much too exhausted to Trick-or-Treat. 
We probably should have still initiated him and taken him to a few houses just because...


chazilyn + patrick said...
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chazilyn + patrick said...


SUCH a fun night! The pumpkins make me smile and giggle every time I look at them. I think it's funny that I have three pumpkins, majority not even mine, protecting my front door from bag face.

oh and the elephant trunk fell off. oops.

you are so sweet to post some of my pics, i love them too! especially the ones with our eyes closed and laughing. hahaha. totally laughing right now!
:) can't wait for next year! it's never to early to start brainstorming....