Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Cupake Review

First of all, my idiot of a cat is stuck under our bed, the bed that we huffed and puffed to push against the back wall so she couldn't run behind it. It's a beautiful bed, I have to say. The base touches the floor so that the only way under it is to crawl through the opening beneath our headboard which is curved so even if we push it alllll the way against the wall, there is still a foot of space she can jump through if she gets on a nightstand first. Elliott is at Church meetings and I can't move our behemoth of a bed to get her out. 
She's a  behemoth. FACE.
That being said, this post will be written with a strained back and an obnoxious cat meowing in the background. I am sickly satisfied by her entrapment. 
 The things I would suffer with if I didn't have Elliott.

Now, onto a cupcake review. As you all know, and if you don't, you should, I love me my Sprinkle's cupcakes. I really wish I would have done a review on here for every cupcake flavor I've tried because in the past 6 months I have had just about all of them INCLUDING the elusive holiday flavors. Oh well. Youcanstartadietinthemiddleofabagofchips.
I'll start my cupcake reviews now. Of course, me being me, it wouldn't be of a Sprinkle's cupcake. Whatever.
Last night, Elliott and I were getting our quarterly Carrabba's fix and were going to stop by The Coffee Shop next to the overpriced and overrated, Joe's Farm Grill. If I wanted to eat outside, I'd have a picnic. And I'm rarely in the mood for a picnic. Rarely. 
Anyway, I had heard great things about The Coffee Shop from my dear friends at ASU Library Storage. More specifically, I had heard great things about The Coffee Shop's cupcakes that had been featured on "Cupcake Wars" from my dear friends at ASU Library Storage. However, leaving Carrabba's, Elliott and I both saw the words "CAKE" on a banner above one of the shops in the strip mall. I ran through the parking lot to the shop and immediately felt like I was walking into an open-house event. I found out, this was the second day it was open. I had just walked into Designer Cakes by April.  At $2.50 a piece or $9.50 for a box of four, I figured this was MUCH closer and a tad less expensive than Sprinkle's so I chose to sample. April herself was doing all of the ringing up and packaging and gave me two free cake pops because she was such a nice gal. (The cake pops were chocolate covered with a peppermint flaked frosting. Divine. And only $1.25 each)!  The cupcakes are great, and her cake creations are amazing to look at while you're waiting in line. Seriously. Amazing. I felt like I was watching "Food Network Challenge."

 Top left to right: Vanilla, Pumpkin Chip
Bottom left to right: Chocolate Peppermint, Pink Velvet
Now for the hard truth. Will I still have my Sprinkle's several times a month? Yes. Will I go back to this fun little-big cake shop as well curious to see what she'll come up with next (as only Sprinkle's is the most predictable bakery on earth)? Yes. Ok, ok, ok, I still love Sprinkle's more (duh) but this lady was ringing people up, being an entertainer to her entourage that was there supporting her (remember I said it felt like a party?)and making these cupcakes ALL by herself. Ok, not ALL at the same time but I'm pretty impressed with her AND her cupcakes. I still plan to head to The Coffee Shop and try their cupcakes but that will have to wait for next week. 
My back hurts.
Enjoying Sunday. Church was nice after being away from the Ward literally, all month. Oh, and as I am finishing this up 30 MINUTES LATER, what's that I hear? None other than Missy Girl Mittens Baby Girl Cat pawing at the treat bottle that was sitting OUTSIDE of the bed. She freed herself, motivated by food. Behemoth. 

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chazilyn + patrick said...

this cake place is a MUST!

i must try the pink velvet. i must i must !

thanks for the info. i take cupcakes very seriously as well.