Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bathtime and Babies

Beckett and Lily share their first, and very splashy, bath.
I don't think Beckett will have the same trepidation towards the pool this year. 

 Baby Charlie's blessing last Sunday.
Don't worry, the Brennan Brothers aren't sourpusses, they just have BRACESSSTHSS.

Big baby.

Kneeling on the ground taking pictures of Beckett getting into the pantry. I pretty much can't, not, photograph him doing something. Trying to figure out "shadow issues,"I snap a picture of myself against the same background and don't realize until AFTER going through the pictures, that I put my chin in the formula powder. The ominous can to the left really should have clued me in.

Elliott and I have been watching the Harry Potter's. We are in the middle of the fourth movie. I can't remember what happens after that one, so it's been nice to have an exciting show to look forward to! We've also been sleeping a lot. We've been getting a solid 7-8 hours a night but can't seem to shake the slight sleepy feeling. We are pretty busy, I suppose, but I like to think of it as devotion to the slumber. A little too addicting I think. 


Kacey said...

"devotion to the slumber"... TAKEN!

miss chaz. said...


we were just talking about starting the harry potters over again....

Miss J said...

oh alisa the picture at the end made me laugh so hard. it reminded me of the time a few weeks ago when i was being very narcissitic and took roughly a dozen pics of myself, only to realize i had a booger on the side of my nose. hot.

Alisa said...

"devotion to the slumber" may have been inspired by the overall love for napping at storage ;)

thanks chaz!

and ohhhh miss j. lots of laughs comin' your way. but not AT you... WITH you. love it!