Monday, June 14, 2010

Beckett's Blessing

Yesterday was Beckett's baby blessing. 
(Sorry for the 'supermodel mom' pose as my sister, Anna, put it. Putting my arms to my sides really flattens them out and takes away from the little bit of exercising I've been doing.)

Elliott did such a great job and gave a beautiful blessing. Some of what Beckett was blessed with was to be happy and to develop strong family ties. To be a loving example for his family and to know the love that his family has for him.
 These words touched me the most as they truly sum up what I want most for my son and what I admire most in my husband. I heard those words in the blessing and knew that they will all be for naught unless I do my part as a mother and Elliott does his as a father. We want to make our son feel loved and happy. We want him to know what is right and do what is right. I know both of my boys will do great things. They already have. 

 >>>Bonus points to whoever can find the quote by Thomas S. Monson (said before he was prophet) about the strongest spirits being saved for these final days. I received it as a handout in Young Women's and kept it for a number of years, reading it quite often. I know other General Authorities have talked about that subject many times before but he put it best in my opinion. 

This was taken on his first Sunday back. The color coordination between father and son was planned, by the way. We believe very strongly in the power of being matchy-matchy and it's ability to make everything more fun and adorable. 


Grammy Suzzy said...

Such a special day for your family! I am so very happy for you all...and you DO look GREAT!!! Also, when you do find that quote, please let me know...I was writing about my oldest grandson and wanted one about just that...I found one by Pres. Benson, but not a more recent one. Beckett is truly blessed to have the wonderful family he least, the half that I know!!!

Kacey said...

The blessing outfit turned out to be a smash hit! So adorable and I love your reasoning for being matchy matchy.

Sara said...

Awww, Alisa. He looks beautiful! Love the little blessing outfit. Some of the best memories I have of my husband are giving our babies blessings. It is amazing to see how much they love their little ones and how powerful they are when they are doing what the Lord wants them to. Plus, you DO look like a supermodel. :)

Lauren said...

That baby of yours looks so yummy! He is adorable!