Monday, June 7, 2010

The Importance of Larry David (and George Costanza).

So they're one and the same. That's beside the point. 
Why do we love movie stars? Superheroes? Athletes? Models? Musicians? Basically the socially deemed "awesome" people in the world? They are who we want to be. Their actions and words inspire. They impress people in ways we can only dream of. 

Why do I love Larry David/George Costanza (whose character in "Seinfeld" is based off of Larry David)?
He sets the bar realistically low. 
He is how it really is (with a tad of exaggeration here and there). 
He's the epitome of a relateable character for me (I'm referring to his role on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as well as George's in Seinfeld... though Larry's is executed a bit more realistically).

I've told Elliott many times I really need to start documenting, in writing, the moments in my life that have resulted in a resounding face-plant against the  wall. He agrees and often says (affectionately), "I married the craziest one," and I know he's right.  He'll tell me a story from school, his past, running an errand, "yadda yadda yadda," that completely blew him away with how outrageous the situation was (according to Jersey Shore, "The Situation" can also refer to an individual person). Then I respond with, "That's ok, this one time..." and at the end of the story, he facepalms, shakes his head and that's the end of that.

 Not to single myself out and say, "I'm the only one! No one's life is as painfully riddled with as awkward and painstaking experiences as mine!" Because I can certainly name a few others who are right on par or surpass my own special little potholes in life.
They know who they are.

 Really, everyone can and should be able to whip out at least a few experiences that will make any group burst into giggles at their recalling of an embarrassing or pained situation.
 It's simply the opportunity that some individuals in this world have taken to seize and turn the world's most common, everyday embarrassments into humor. They make it easier to laugh at the crazies and not be offended by them (think Conan O'Brien). They make it easier to realize that your situation is probably more funny than depressing.
They are the real hope for this world. 
Sorry, Oprah, you've been ousted.


Kacey said...

You really should start sharing all those moments on this blog.

Alisa said...

Maybe I should kick it off with getting rejected by a private blog.

Chelsie said...

So I gotta say, that I have always had the worst embarrassing moments/horrible predicaments no matter who I'm "competing" with. I have been in 2 separate situations where people have been telling their most embarrassing moments and one of my stories gets told by someone I barely know. They would say something like, "Did you guys hear about that girl that almost died at girls camp because . . . . " or "Did you guys see that girl that gave herself a concussion from walking??" and I have to butt in and be like, "Yeah, that was me."
I'm pretty sure I can one-up anyone in the embarrassing moments department.