Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's Take it a Step Further

They say TV rots your brain. Probably (and only probably true). I'd like to take that theory a little further and say that certain shows destroy your ability to comprehend other shows (movies included).

Por ejemplo: 
This is one of my favorite guilty pleasures (along with the Kardashian's). It follows suit with any other reality show out there so I would appreciate a refrain of judgement simply because she used to be one of the Bunnies. She's scaled back the trashiness, it's just the lack of class that remains. I really don't need to defend myself anyway. 

BACK to my point. 2 o'clock in the morning, 7 o'clock in the morning, noon, 3pm, whatever, when I'm struggling to stay awake... I really don't have much else that relieves my mind of the desperation to sleep (that's a bit of an exaggeration. I really haven't been totally struggling with the sleep factor but that's for another post). Still, during those vulnerable moments, I turn to whatever is on. Many times, it ends up being a reality show by chance (this is after looking at a good 10-20 channels and just picking something without thinking because I need to hurry up and use that free hand to shove a bottle or breast into my baby's mouth. Classy huh? Thanks Kendra).

Por Ejemplo Two: 
I have made two separate attempts at watching this movie. Both times I made it all the way through. The first time, I watched it by myself a few years ago and was dumbfounded by the end. I just finished watching it the second time only this go around, I had cliff notes, aka Elliott. I got it now, ok? I GOT IT. I am a recent college grad, as my ever trusty good friend reminded me. I was struggling during the movie and messaged her so she whipped up a quick pep talk encouraging me to stick with it till the end. I still haven't seen the other two movies but I think I'm finally ready to graduate onto the Bourne Supremacy (that's number two, right?) Yay! I may also struggle with The DaVinci Code. I was FINALLY understanding it my third attempt watching it through (using my "Elliott Notes") but we turned it off to go to bed and never finished it. This was a year ago. 

Thanks reality tv. You're that bad, you make other mindless shows that much harder for me to grasp.

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