Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday BeforeandAfterthoughts (like the Wheel of Fortune category!!)

I love 8:00am Church. Ironically, I say this as I'm actually typing out this post at 12:30am. We'll see how much I love it 12 hours from now as I bust a tired move to Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy Workout. I have sleeping problems because I have a good baby. He sleeps 'till 9, I sleep 'till 9. I'm not tired when midnight comes around because I sleep 'till 9. Every once in a while he'll throw me for a loop and wake up in the 7:00am hour (still nothing to gripe about). Then there's 8:00am Church. Well, when Saturday night rolls around, I'm well acclamated to my midnight-9am sleep cycle. Now it's somehow a 1:00am-6:30am sleep cycle with Saturday night. I'm turning into my mother with this whole sleeping business, only I'm less patient. What do I do when I can't fall asleep next to my peacefully slumbering Elliott?

Well this past night I spent a good 30 minutes online Googling shades of potential OPI colors I want. There are quite a few sassy ladies out there who like painting different shades of polish on every finger to compare various brands and color shades. It makes it much easier to see how the shade will really look on me. Only my hands will be a little less... acryllic. While this was happening I was watching... re-re-re-re-re watching the series finale of Full House. I say all those "re's" because I've probably seen it a good 5 times-minimum-in my life. It's easily one of my favorite and most watched shows. I still DVR it 15 years later! I would kill for a reunion. Admitting that out loud makes me feel bad that I talk so much crap about Jonny and Krista and Elliott's shows because... they aren't Full House. Well, Elliott has been quoted as considering Dawson's Creek--for which he's seen every episode of--among his favorite shows. Anyways... apparently this has turned into a "Confessions" post... well it is Sunday. I also think about my new phone that will be "smarter," literally, so that when I push "2" to be transferred to the "Women's Department" at H&M, I don't get sent to an operator because old "0" at the BOTTOM of the screen decided to push itself instead. Ah touchscreen phones.

Pictures from a Sunday morning wake-up taken a few weeks ago... before 8:00am church started. Note the change in picture quality. Yeah, oopsie. Experimenting with my Aperture... in other words something I pretend to know somewhat about. 

Future phone. The Brennan brothers are in constant debate over our potential new phones. They like these but continue to question whether or not to wait for the rumored minipad or whatever it is or to stick it out until Verizon gets the iPhone. I just want a phone that is cute, not too man-ish and works... kind of like an iPhone works... but not quite like an iPhone.
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chazilyn + patrick said...

YAY for new phones! I understand the debate at hand....but soon everyone will realize that apple will someday rule the entire earth. and they pretty much make the sweetest stuff we better just start worshipping them now, right?? okay i'm a little biased:) but seriously, have you ever opened apple packaging?? even the box is flawless. I would live in an apple box if I could.

Very cute pictures! Aperture settings are overrated...(okay, i'm not an expert either. i try. ;)