Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Changes.

I switched from this:

To this:
No really, I did and I'm not looking back.

I can't decide what to do for my 21st birthday--ON the 21st no less. I've had offers by my favorite JERSEY GIRL to fly to THE boardwalk in NJ with her and hit up Karma... as in THE Karma from Jersey Shore. So far that's the winner. Baby would come too of course tucked in my little bag. He's roughly the size of a shihtzu (pronounced SHEET-ZOO. Not shit-zoo for those of you who say it like that to get away with swearing) so he would fit in my bag. Naturally, I will be just as happy staying home, eating my birthday Sprinkle's and watching my second favorite show we've been DVRing as of late (the first being Jersey Shore). I suppose I just solved my own problem! That sounds like a very formidable plan to ring in what will be an epic year of not having to stand on the 'other side' of the railing at the Matt Nathanson concert with my 23-year-old babysitter of a husband because his wife is 19. **Said true evnts transpired two Octobers ago.** 

Speaking of shihtzus, I can't wait to get Beckett one some Christmas down the road. For now he loves his Spot dog. 

Now, speaking of Spot dogs (we've entered a downward spiral of digression) this is Elliott's Spot. Cutest thing ever, right? 
 Nana is to thank for both Spots that are loved by both boys who are loved by... ME. 

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chazilyn + patrick said...

YAY for golden birthdays! it is so much better being legal. and jersey does sound amazing....but the second option sounds pretty appealing as well;)

HOW CUTE IS THAT SPOT THE PUPPY?!?! oh my gosh i love it. i can't believe elliott's is still alive and in one piece?? we were so hard on our stuff animals/blankets/anything we made voices to....they ended up disintegrating or being thrown away.

but that is seriously the cutest thing ever.