Friday, August 6, 2010

Thoughts of You

These were taken last month. Poor Beckett had missed his naptime because we needed to drop him off last minute at my sister's, Apryl's, house. She's pretty much always up for watching Beckett on a moment's notice and, while we know to never to take advantage of it, are so grateful for her to always do that.  It's quite apparent in these pictures that he's pretty sleepy but, being the sweet baby he is, let me take 5 minutes for a photo op without crying. 

Every now and then I find myself allowing bothering thoughts or memories creep into my mind and weigh down on my day--something that I'm sure everyone can relate to. On occasion, it has inhibited my ability to be an actively invested parent in whatever Beckett is doing. It's incredible the love of a child that, when you are trying to tune out and detach for a minute (sort of a "SERENITY NOW!" moment), that you don't even realize, your baby sitting propped on your bent knees, has been talking to you in sweet "goos" the whole time while grinning from ear to ear.

Beckett you are filling.


chazilyn + patrick said...


So precious.

See you Tuesday, girlfriend!!

Grammy Suzzy said...

They are just wonderful!

Rachel said...

Cute pics! Such a cute baby & mom!