Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elliott [25]

So I know I love Elliott. And. YOU know I love Elliott. But, what does Elliott love? Let's find out. 

1. You love banana things. Kinda gross but it's opened my eyes to some hidden food treasures (banana  Sprinkle's cupcakes, banana malts at Sonic. Amazing).
2. You love Jersey Shore. I was NOT the instigator of this. I would walk in and boom Ronnie and Sammi were two steps away from mushing. He hooked me
3. You love Brad Pitt. Love isn't a strong enough word. There have been very questionable things said about Brad Pitt by my husband... very. questionable. Not blog appropriate questionable. I was just kidding?
4. You love your brother. It's pretty 'dorable. They're totally boyfriend boyfriend. Mac and Dennis. Boondock Saints.
5. You love dentistry. GOOD because I have a feeling you're going to be doing it for a while. You never complain about school, you're amazing at it. 
6. You love Beckett. He is the best baby. The best. And I don't mean, He's ours! He's the best! No. Nono. He's the best behaved, best sleeper, best eater, calmest, happiest baby. Knock on wood he'll stay that way! 
7. You love me. Duh.
8. You love Chipotle and could eat there everyday. Me? It wouldn't make a difference if I never ate there ever again. BUT! This isn't about me.
9.  You love Little Girl Cat. 
10. You love sniper shows. I know you would have been a pretty bomb sniper had you wanted to be.
11. You love me in skirts. I try to wear skirts. Though, I know you love me in everything.
12. You love a worry-free, obligation-free day. I hope you have plenty of them ahead of you. 
13. You love video games. I will choose to see the good in this in that it is bonding time with your brother and helps fine tune your hand-eye coordination... for dentistry. 
14. You love BBQ-ing. You're pretty much the best grillmaster I know.
15. You love scrubs. They fit you... always. Your words not mine! 
16. You love golf. Even though presently you look like a lobster. Again, your words not mine! 
17. You love soccer. You used to play against one of the guys on Team USA. So that must mean they're best friends right?! That was my assumption... he had to keep correcting me.
18. You love QT. You go there more often for Diet Dr. Pepper and other snacks than gas.
19. You love New Zealand. You're going to get you and your wife a timeshare there one day... Yes, yes you will. Subliminal much? But you really do love New Zealand. 
20. You love your whole family with so much ease. AND! They all love you.
21. You love food. Boy do you love food. Most of these blog posts are about food!
22. You love being cold. Don't we all living here?
23. You love your smile. I. LOVE. YOUR. SMILE. I. FANTASIZE. ABOUT. YOUR. SMILE. 
24. You love kids. You're a natural, and have a ton more experience with them than I do!
25. You love sectionals. I don't think we'll ever be able to turn back after swapping couches with your parents. 

Elliott, me, Brianne's skirt, and my belly band on our anniversary (05.17.10) 

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Krista said...

I love hearing about what Elliott loves. I must say that his love for Jonny is very much reciprocated. I too call Elliott Jonny's boyfriend and I have to remind Jonny to save a small corner of his heart for me.

Happy Birthday Elliott!