Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Cupcakes and a Birthday Recap

Elliott's banana cupcake (with matchy matchy candle) from Sprinkle's
We have it planned. On the next Thursday we can go out, we're headed to Houston's because that's when it's Tortilla Soup day AND Sprinkle's because that's the day they do Banana, Carrot AND Lemon cupcakes. All parts of a perfect night in Scottsdale... that hasn't happened yet. 
Me being indulged... This is the second time Elliott would be blowing out a candle on this cupcake. The first on Saturday when I got them, the second on his real birthday. 
Enthusiastic much?
Last Saturday, Elliott and I finally made our annual trip to The Buttes in Tempe. We couldn't go for our (ha, I first started typing "my" anniversary... I guess I do obsess over it too much) anniversary because of having a baby literally pulled out of my stomach 2 weeks before. It's ok though, Beckett was the ultimate gift and reminder of why we got married. Anyhow, we finally got there and, as expected, had the perfect time (largely due to Trevor and Brianne for watching the babeh overnight [thanks yous!]). As any hardworking man would want to do, Elliott immediately collapsed on the bed and flipped on golf... it later turned to Billy the Exterminator but I will ignore that we spent 2 hours of our lives watching it. Anyhow again, he did his very best to participate in pictures of our excursion (even if I did have to compromise with him being able to take them, tv remote in hand, head on pillow). I'm a bit sad that we're (as in sad for all of us, blog nation) getting more closed-mouthed Elliott smiles. See, Elliott got braces on last month because he did and it makes me a little bummed that he has all this wire over his teeth and hopefully he will get them off in less than a year from now... Though he was given a target date of September next year. Anyway, can't help that my perfectionist dentist of a husband wants perfect teeth for his future dental practice! Though... who am I kidding, they were already perfect teeth. But in all honesty, they will fix some bite issues, crowding issues... things that I only pretend to understand completely. 

Love you Ello. 

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