Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Screw Motor Skills, the PGA Championship is on.

Beckett is still the sweetest, but likes to make more of a scene in public nowadays.
It's ok, I know the urge.   
Fortunately, he has his good days. Well, in all honesty, most of his days are good.
We went to Houston's last night--the second time in a week for me. I know, it IS that good.
The waitress who waited on us Friday noticed me last night and caught me on the way back from the bathroom.
"Did I wait on you AND BECKETT on Friday? I just HAVE to see him again!"
And she did. Don't worry, Houston's is a classy place so she wasn't creepy about it.  
 Just one more reason I love eating there so much

We got our Tortilla Soup. 
AND Sprinkle's. 
Though orange was sold out. 
New phone tomorrow!

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