Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowhaunts Pt. 1

Lots of pictures means lots of fun and an obnoxious photographer

 Starting with our first party of the season we have the annual ASDOH Boo Bash‎:

Held Here‎:

Glamour shots. 
Meet the new face of our Christmas card.
Oh Monica and Jenna. Even though our Jersey Shore nights may be fewer and farther between, we will always make excuses to get together with everyone... Maybe another ASU food adventure again. Those hotdogs was goooood. 
Kyndall made me want to be a nerd with how ridiculously fabulous she looked. 

  I often think of how skilled  Elliott and I are with our abilities in regards to all things involving spray paint, but then I see the lovely Sarah and she tells me that she sewed her own costume.
Worn but sweet. Not to worry, we were on our way out when this was taken.


Krista said...

The costumes turned out AWESOME. What a cute dental family!

Melissa K said...

We totally pooped out.....and didn't even go! How sad! Oh guys looked amazing! Good job on the costumes!

Alisa said...

Krista and Melissa, don't think I wasn't shaking my finger at either of you for not being there--it would've been SOOO much more fun with you and yours hah!

Sarah and Trent said...

So cute!! I am amazed and in awe at your spray paint abilities. Your costumes were amazing.