Friday, December 10, 2010

A Holiday Night Synopsis via Phone Pictures

Holiday Catalogs. I don't even look through them anymore. What's the point? Ok, maybe to show Elliott a few goodies I wouldn't mind seeing in my stocking, but come on. Christmas is about buying OTHER people goodies. Besides, they'll all be on winter clearance in a month. 

Beckett's Christmas Eve jammies. Fitting for our Christmas in the snow. 

  So there's a Juicy Couture outlet at Arizona Mills. Yeah. There is. Been open a month and a half. Know how I know (other than the fact that the cashier told me)? They haven't trained their employees on security magnet removal yet. Yeah, going back to that already overwhelming mall on a Saturday AND to it's most popular store no less should be great. 

 Christmas presents (almost all of them) ready to be taken up to Nana and Papa when we visit soon. Most are from Santa. Please don't tell Beckett. 
 My new Christmas candle. I really love it--one of the benefits of braving Arizona Mills. They have a Bath and Body Works Outlet. Though let's face it, most of the time the 50% discount on candles isn't worth the trek and crowds. But let's revisit the Juicy topic. Despite the whole magnet debacle, my once (or twice) a year visit was well worth the irritation. 
White is great all year long. Let's not be crazy. Love these Le Creuset dishes. Each one less than $10 at Marshall's. Speaking of, they have a Le Creuset outlet at Anthem (much higher up on the hierarchy of Valley shopping malls than AZ Mills). I haven't been to that store... When Brianne and I visit (since those trips should never be taken alone) we spend too much time in the J. Crew outlet. Our record is 2 and a half hours.

And lastly.
I'm SO excited for the Christmas cards to arrive in the mail. Seriously. It's our first year of doing them (and of course there's ONLY a picture of Beckett. The whole thing was very impromptu, I really had to pass on orchestrating a family picture. Next year.) Now, what dessert will compliment our lovely Christmas Carsds? Well... We'll probably mail all the cards so sorry. But still. We ARE looking for a yummy treat to make... or assemble. Off to Trader Joe's to buy their yummy goodies and disguise them as our own. Whatever we do, we certainly won't come close to Krista's HOMEMADE marshmallows (to compliment Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate) and HOMEMADE candied/cinnamon roasted/whatever pecans. Everything super good.Sheesh girl.  


Sara said...

Love your shoes. Want some of my own. :)

Brianne said...

I was just tasting those marshmallows and telling Trevor how divine they were... Seriously homemade, Krista! I am a buy and deliver kind of girl! I did notice your white dishes last time I stopped by your house! Marshall's here I come!!!

Alisa said...

Sara when you visit, we will all have to drop by the Juicy store (more like brave the Juicy store...) they always have some sort of sale going!!

Brianne, I'm right there with you. We got the peppermint pretzels from Trader Joe's for Church and School friends and I thought, "I probably shouldn't even bother giving a tin with a couple of them to B&T because I think that was THEIR holiday treat too!" But of course we always have enough for you guys-- just in case. They're SO good.

Krista said...

OK, I ate all those pretzels in less than a day and half, without the help of husband and kid. The best treat I've gotten so far this Christmas!!!!!