Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Since many members of the Day family will be on separate sides of the country this holiday season, we decided to combine Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Don't worry, we still kept the "Christ" in "Christmas" despite what the name says. We had our traditional Turducken, which has always sufficed for two holidays worth of food. Oh yes, I said Turducken. Don't like meat? I feel bad for you. 'Cause it is somes gooooood meat. Or meats. It's Cajun sausage and cornbread stuffing shoved into the belly of a chicken which is shoved into the belly of a duck which is then, ultimately, shoved into the belly of a Turkey. It's good. But guess what? I didn't eat any! Why? Because I had a 24 hour flu--not cold, flu (shakes, cold sweats, and unstoppable stomach problems)--and was only able to eat a biscuit and crystal lite. Boo. So that was my Thanksgivmas. The flu. Guess that's what I get for so publicly announcing how willing I am to devour a 3-in-1 bird(s). It was still a great time and I suppose I can look on the brightside and double up on food for Christmastime since I gained zero weight for this holiday. Or holidays... We celebrated 2-in-1, that's right.
Smiling through the pain. Kept strong by Elliott's promises of taking care of me (not that I wasn't here) and wrapping me up in huge blankets once we got home.
Beckett playing with Ryan's toy (OBVIOUSLY).  Where's the ASU love?
 Ryan playing with Beckett's toy.

 Before coming to my parents, Elliott went back to his old stomping grounds in Tempe to play the *at least* 15th Annual Turkeybowl... or Turdbowl... or something like that. All of these guys (of whom I only know a handful) put on a pretty good show for us wives and girlfriends. Elliott and I couldn't help but notice that they had every single guy this year for the game. Though not everyone lives in Arizona anymore, they still come back for family or other reasons and find time to get beat up, despite the recent move to flag football over tackle. 
I'm sure it's not hard to spot Elliott. See the fireman mustache and baby?

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