Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Thoughts Come Full Circle

My husband is out skiing at Brighton. We are currently enjoying our Christmas in the snow with Nana and Papa. Nan' ran a quick errand so I decided to get online and type up some of her famous recipes. Already have I gained 2494949asdfkdl pounds (that's a real number) from texas sheet cake, oatmeal cake, Sweet Tooth Fairy cakes, Mini's cupcakes, Dough Girl (now Ruby Snap) cookies, and Ben and Jerry's... Birthday CAKE flavor. Oopsie! Naturally, instead of typing the recipes I got distracted by the blog. I decided I wanted some pictures but didn't want to load all of my camera pics and clutter up a computer that isn't mine. Then I decided to take a frowny webcam face and say, "Sorry, I haven't blogged like I said I would," but it led to other ridiculous pictures then a legit frowny picture (bottom left) that was actually my relaxed, "I refuse to try and pose anymore" face. No wonder people think I'm irritated all the time.

Which, if I may digress, don't say to people, "Don't look so excited" or "You don't look happy!" Those things are often said as jokes but are as funny as asking someone who doesn't have kids, "WHEN YA GONNA START POPPIN' OUT THOSE BABIES?" Obnoxious. Unfunny. Trite. ANYWAY. 

Nana got home and the last picture is of me making sure I'm alone so that I can make my goofy pictures. Feeling stupid, that was the last picture I took. We love being here though the drive was h-e-l-l (yeah Utah people, your hideous snow storm can go... Well, I've used enough trashy sassy talk on here). We can't wait to spoil Beckett on his first Christmas. Have a good holiday and a Merry New Year. With loves, Alisa, Elliott & Beckett (or CaleCale as we call him).

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