Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Things Crocheted

In Beckett's room there is a shelf that contains the no touchie toys. The toys that are, if you will, the presents you buy your family, friends, whoever, just because you want to use them. I've been a victim and a perpetrator. On top of his bookshelf rests these precious gems that I will absolutely love forever (and don't worry, I'll let Beckett have them since they're rightfully his). 

1.The octopus(pi) family. Crocheted by my dear and lovely friend (from ASU storage of course) Abby. She recently graduated from ASU as a fibers and textiles major. She also earned a national scholarship for her work (seriously, that was a huge deal since only ONE person in the country gets it) to open up her own studio. As more babies pop out, I will surely bribe (pay her the big $$$) and harass any which way I can to get her to add to my little family of three. I love, love, love them. 

2.The stacking rings. The base is supposed to be a frog then, from bottom to top, a ladybug, bumblebee and dragonfly. This was  made by my dear mother, and was my favorite gift... uh, I mean, Beckett's favorite gift... at Thanksgivingmas. I keep telling her to make an etsy shop in conjunction with my grandma (who is a master knitter, crocheter, sewer, cross sticher as well) and they would make the big $$$ too. Probably because I would immediately buy out their shop. 
Now, speaking of etsy shops, I tell my other dear friend and former bosslady at ASU storage to create an etsy shop in conjunction with Abby since she too is like the aforementioned ladies of craftability. I was recently informed that her own creation for Beckett's Christmas present is currently being knitted as I'm typing this. I'm excited. She doesn't hold back. Anything. 

And lastly, I can't let a December 8th pass by without paying homage to the man who started the greatest band that can: 
John Lennon. 
Please note the shirt. When Elliott and I were dating a man in Walgreen's (no we didn't go ON a date to Walgreen's) stopped me and told me how much he loved my shirt. He had a perm mullet. Elliott told him he probably made my day. And he did. 
And don't have a panic attack, those were Welch's Sparklings. WELCH'S SPARKLINGS. The most party I can get out of those is a trip to the bathroom every 3 minutes because of a sugar overload.  And once upon a time I was really that skinny. 
The end. 
Please enjoy the following video (because I get made fun of for excessively talking about all things karma, jinxing, superstition, etc):


Misty Garrett said...

I'm SO JEALOUS of your octopus family. I want them bad!

Alisa said...

Aww thanks Misty! She is insane, she didn't follow a pattern for them but just... thought of it and did it! Amazing craft talent--just like YOU!