Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beckett Turns 7 Months and More C.C.

Beckett is getting bigger. Louder. Happier. Less patient. More fun. 

Meanwhile, I'm taking him here to have his silhouette done by Judith Housel. She is supposed to be pretty good I hear. Well, I've also seen. She's done Brianne's kids and their silhouettes are phenomenal. If Beckett's big cheeks go away, I would forever curse myself for not having a silhouette of them.  I can NOT wait, it's my Christmas present to me. 
Sitting on my counter top are this month's Sprinkle's Christmas flavors. Need a hint as to what they are? Fine. They're Eggnog, Vanilla Peppermint and Chocolate Peppermint. I picked up a few cupcakes this morning to take to my dear friends (and former supers) at ASU Library Storage for the ex-bossman's big 5-1. Needless to say, it was a success. 
On so many levels. 


Angela said...

What an absolutely beautiful baby! Love these pictures. He was so much fun to watch chasing the wrapping paper.

Sara said...

Ok, well Beckett is just beautiful. But you knew that. And I am missing me some sprinkles. I stalk their webpage and look at all the seasonal flavors I am not eating. Will hopefully make up for lost time when we come out to visit :)

Gina Collins said...

Judith is an amazing artist and entertainer. You can see her in action on her web site. You can also order silhouettes and custom car decals online or even book an event. Amazing idea for Mothers Day!