Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disney. Again.

Brianne and Trevor invited us to Disneyland with them and the whole SmileLines staff this past week because that's the kind of dentist he is: awesome in every way. 
We left Beckett (again)and had a marvelous time (again).
Our nieces and nephews were easily the most fun part of the trip--especially since they were old enough to actually ride things and walk. We stayed at Disney's Grand Californian just so that we could still enjoy the magic while we slept--though seriously, I was up at 4:30am jittery and excited because I WANTED MY DISNEY RIDES AND FOOD NOMNOM.  

We got to spend so much time with Brennan and felt pretty cool he wanted to hang out with us. That boy is a riot and the sweetest around. 

Max and Claire--stinkin' cute. PS, that Toy Story ride is incredibly fun and tension building. I JUST WANTED TO BEAT ELLIOTT!

Elliott and I clearly need some help with our background face awareness:
My face is just screaming a whole lotta MEH. Meanwhile, Brianne, you should be in some sort of dental ad. Convenient!

 And boom goes the dynamite--speaking of, we learned that Claire knows all the words (and dance moves) to the "Dynamite" song (Taio Cruz). We also learned that Bella knows how to accessorize better than I can ever hope to.

Elliott calls out to his brother from the bridge on Small World. Kinda like Romeo and Juliet. 

Party in the front.

Party in the back. 

Party in the front.

Party in the back.

Thank you Trevor and Brianne, it was Unnnforgettable. 

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Angela said...

How fun that looks! Alisa, you are a great aunt. I don't mean Great Aunt. I mean a GREAT aunt!