Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just a Fine and Fancy Ramble to the Zoo

Elliott and I had never been to the zoo together, much less taken Beckett (though, if we're honest, the kid really didn't care). As part of our Spring Break extravaganza, we went. Simple as that.  The zoo is a pretty fun place to get a good leisurely walking workout on. Though sadly, but expectedly, many of the animals were either curled up or hidden away sleeping. As we left the zoo suffering heat stroke and dehydration, we were grateful for our brief moments of cool weather that morning and especially grateful for our ease in finding a parking space. Seriously, it was an animalistic sight in itself seeing cars circle around with nowhere to park, waiting to lunge any minute on an open spot. That peace being said, it was great and we saw most everything we wanted. 

I so desperately wanted Beckett to be able to touch a sting ray that I may have accidentally, though unknowingly, dunked his WHOLE face into the pool for a quick second as I reached his hand forward. At least he touched it (don't worry, it wasn't with his face)! Plus, he was clearly DONE with the heat from the previous picture that I actually did him a favor. 

Now, the initial drive to make it to the zoo started a good 9 months ago when the Koala exhibit came to town. Lucky for us, we made it just in time before they left to... another zoo? The Australian Outback? Meh, probably another zoo for future gawkers like myself. 



We bonded, him/her and I. He/She looked at me; followed my every move despite the surrounding crowd. Maybe he/she knew I had been thinking about him/her for the past nine months. Maybe he/she knew we made a 3D model of his/her relative. 
Maybe he/she just knew I had that special love for the koala. 

But only when they fight.


Alicia said...

Oh Alisa... you're such a bad mother, dunking your kid in the sting ray pool. tsk tsk.

Alisa said...

I know, Alicia, I know. I mean, had it been the lion cage that would've been one thing, but THIS... THIS, is just deplorable. I am ashamed of myself.

iamthecheese said...

I go camping with kids (its not as creepy as it sounds) and we play the "animal game" and I am ALWAYS the koala.

Alisa said...

Yess. I like the cut of your jib, Sam.