Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo Drive

Beckett is learning about taking it slow with solids. 

Yesterday morning--as in, 2:00 in the morning--we returned from our trip to Disneyland *sans* Beckett. It was the right decision. We had such a hysterical and fun time with everyone--more pictures to come soon. 

Speaking of, yesterday I ventured onto Picasa to load a few pictures only to find that several folders--containing a combined 600-700 pictures were missing. I thought that Picasa possibly deleted them because I was running low on space (though I didn't think that was possible). I may have thrown a tantrum and cried a little. Elliott had actually neglected to tell me that he moved the pictures to a completely different un-Picasa-related folder, so my mini-heart attack subsided, but I stand by my tears and fit about the photos. Really, I have thousands of pictures, none of which are professional looking, but, they are mine and they are priceless. I have the same feelings of loss when I go on a vacation that isn't "Digital SLR camera appropriate" (i.e. Disneyland!) So many awesome opportunities when I find my hands immediately going L7 to create a pseudo Kodak moment. I decided from this last trip that I need to be on the look out for a great point-and-shoot to tuck away in my purse for times when the bulky camera just isn't practical. 

Back to the actual point, we left California a night before everyone else so that I could attend the last day of my first graduate class (bright and early at 9:00am--caffeine please). My classmates are amazing, and it's unbelievably helpful and fun to be in a program with people who share similar personalities and goals. I'll be even busier with school as I will be taking two classes at a time for the next three months. In the meantime, I will still remind myself to sit back and smell the flowers (convenient, since Elliott bought me some yesterday) and enjoy my cookies a very good friend from school got for me to bring to our class potluck, knowing I would be home too late to make anything! They're Trader Joe's no less--how did she know, I wonder?! And yes, our teacher is a firm believer that potlucks should be held at the end of every course.

By the way, the cookies are best when eaten like Cookie Crisp.


chazilyn. said...

Congrats! Love that vase.

Yes......TOTALL-Y agree with you on the point and shoot. The canon power shots are great. They have ones with 14.1 mega pixels. Costco always has great deals on them.

ANYways gotta go.......leaving to disney in 12 minutes! haha Can't wait for our girls dinner when I get back!

Brianne said...

Love the flowers and note, super sweet!
I am not crazy about the pictures I got from the new little camera.
Next time I am hauling my big camera.