Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beckett Turns 10 Months, We Have an Experience

And what the experience it was. 
Beckett, we are still debating whether or not to take you to Disneyland next week. You can't walk yet, but you sure are perfecting that stand. You have like 15 teeth coming in all at once so you have been a bit under the weather, but so sweet and so happy still. You are large and slightly awkward, but perfect as is. Sadly, I didn't even realize that the cupcake I got had PEANUT BUTTER in it (a major no-no for babies)... So you can't have it. 
Not that I really bought it for you since it would have taken you 6 hours to slowly mash it down, but still, it would have been nice of me to share. 


Grammy Suzzy said...

Alisa...what a doll you have! But how do you do it? That sweetheart looks almost as big as his mommy! You are in BIG trouble when he is a teenager and looking down to talk to you...but, well, hey, the way that sweet guy is growing, he will be taller than you at the age of 8...and he will still think you know something then! Happy 10 months, Mr. Beckett!

chazilyn. said...

Umm LOVING that close up picture of Beckett! His little teeth = crazy adorable.

And of course...anything sprinkles is just amazing.