Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Taste of Honey

I've been thinking about.

My impending workload for the upcoming weeks of school.

My completed Spring Break List (note the Beatle's magnet below)!

This pair of new UGG's I am bidding on over at ebay. I had hoped to wait for the Nordie's Anniversary sale, but I soon realized they are a one-season make. Boo. Anyway, I borrowed my mother-in-law's pair for an afternoon in Utah and fell in love. Clearly, she is one, fashionable mother-in-law too. 

 I am so excited for the currently ongoing "21 Days of Beauty" at Ulta. On Friday, they are selling Too Faced Lash Injection at $5 off. That's when I'll make my move. 
21 Days of BEAUTY

This Song.
Ignore Drake. And the partying.

The thoughts of going "back2school" easily become nullified when repeated every 8 weeks. Different classes bring new faces and the uniqueness and fun of those personalities. Classes within my "cohort" bring familiar faces that make me grateful to get to see them for more than just a brief stint.  
Before Spring Break started, Elliott and I made a list of everything we wanted to do and I'd say that we made a pretty good pair to get it all done. The list is finished along with the break and, subsequently, the school must start, exercise reconvene, dreams of Disneyland be tucked away for another time, and Elliott&Alisa slumber parties must be bumped to weekends only (we just can't be up at midnight all the time watching mockumentaries of Ke$ha on our phones). I always feel somewhat of a sense of loss when breaks and vacations end, but am usually eager for "real life" to start so I can power through (making an effort to still enjoy each moment) and eventually make it to the next break, knowing I will appreciate it much more if I complete my tasks. I enjoy and thrive on a busy life, though it's probably nowhere near as busy or hectic as most other's. I thrive even more on planning out the future and am very much so motivated when I have a visualized objective (short or long term) I'm working toward. It's not always a great "hobby" as I usually fall in suit with the phrase, "Don't put the cart before the horse." Regardless, I am an individual predisposed to impatience, and programmed with a personality to move, work, and progress. 

Hence the reminder on my school notebook:


andrea.rose said...

this song is infectious! i'm so glad you posted this because i've been wondering what the song was and who it was by for like the past year and was simply too lazy / couldn't understand what he was saying enough to actually find out.

Alisa said...

yesss, so glad my struggle was not alone! hah! i heard it forever ago on like a vitamin water commercial and was too lazy to attempt a shazam!