Friday, January 7, 2011

Be Thou Humble... thy weakness.

I like New Year's Resolutions. I think they're fun and challenging and I think a lot more people actually do follow through with them than we all give credit to (myself excluded). In THE CHURCH (bah-dum-bum) we have our own special name for New Year's Resolutions. It's called, "Long-term, Short-term, and Immediate-Goals." Don't worry, I won't pain you all with mine, as so many are very generic. Some of my more "individually special" goals, heh-heh, include to dry clean our fancy clothes more often and take our fancy shoes to get polished and repaired more often. It's true. It makes me feel more responsible and boy do I need all the "I'm responsible" feelings I can get. By the way, I do have a blouse waiting for me at the Cleaners that I dropped off two days ago. YES! My other special lil' goal is to eradicate all naughty language, as much as it all makes me giggle. I also hope to read more, which, even if I only read one or two books this year, is an improvement. 

While on his mission in New Zealand, Eliott had the opportunity to serve very closely with his mission president, who is now an Area Seventy. They invited us over to dinner while we were in Utah, and we could not have had a better time. After we left, Pam (Nana/Elliott's mom) said that there is a certain spirit within people such as President (Elder?) Cook and his whole family, that comes from a lifetime of obedience to Church and marriage obligations and covenants. They don't look to the world for justification and they don't look for that gray area or wiggle room when it comes to deciding what is right and what is wrong. At the same time, they weren't judgmental or extremist. Their happiness was inspiring and peaceful. I have always wanted a "Simplify" sign in my house, but all the signs I've seen have been, "Simplify STUPID" which... being the classy girl I am, have still even considered buying those. When I saw the sign in their house I considered it well... 
maybe a good sign that maybe my heart has been attempting a move in the right direction... Or something like that! 
(Left to right: Jay, Pam, me..., Beckett, Elliott, President Cook, Sister Cook, and their equally lovely daughter Marie manning the camera).

PS: I know I didn't do it here, but I just remembered that I also have a resolution to NEVER enact the "supermodel arm pose" ever again in my picture taking life. It makes me feel just too pretentious. Now, both hands on the hips is plain in your face fun and sassy. 

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