Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beckett Turns 5 Months. He Celebrates By Eating Green Beans.

For his first trick, Beckett will demonstrate how to hold a bottle on his own IN his Beatles garb no less!
(**Beatles garb thoughtfully given by our dental school friend, Megan. Bahh I can't get enough of it--thanks!**) 
 Beckett didn't seem to go for the green beans today... it's forgiven (even though it's my fav veggie). 

  Don't worry dear baby, not all food is this bland and healthy tasting.Tomorrow our Monkey Bread will be eaten with thoughts of you one day being able to taste it yourself...  

 Dearest blogging nation, I have the pleasure of announcing that as of today, I have officially applied for a Master's program in school counseling at one of NAU's  satellite campuses here in the Valley. I knew I couldn't stay away from school and, with the flexibility of the program would be able to do it easily. 
(This is especially important to take advantage of before more babies come along.) 
Step 1: Apply. Check.
Step 2: Take the GRE. No check. 
Distraction from Step 2: Constantly thinking how coincidental it is that two out of the three Brennan siblings + me (wife of the Brennan sibling NOT participating) are taking the GRE this month.
 It's a long story. 
We've all got serious goals to achieve here and there's no better time than now. 
Wish us luck!

ps. Yes that is an aerobed in the middle of the floor while Conference is on. 


Brianne said...

K, Beckett may have the cutest facial expressions ever; especially with green beans smeared everywhere.
Yes, the irony/insanity of the 3 GRE takers this month is hysterical. I still can't quite believe it; maybe it is a Brennan thing. I am still jealous that you will be done first and I will be done last!

Lauren said...


Feel no shame about the air mattress usage during conference. We did the same thing. True confession: every other week we blow up the air mattress in the living so we can watch TV and lay down. I'm surprised more people don't do it.