Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cat Times Two

Little Girl Cat (Baby Girl Cat if you're Max and Mittens if you're Brennan... and I think Felicity... Felix? Cocoa? No... not those... but something along those lines if you're Bella. It's our fault for not giving her a proper name. This fits just fine though.)
So Little Baby Girl Mittens loves attention. She loves when Beckett crawls towards her trying to chase her down to grab her fur. She loves having Max over to run around with her. She kinda loves us... Kinda. When we pet her. And feed her... Seriously fat cat. 
We've been busy making our Halloween costumes for the Dental School Boo Bash. 
Elliott's going to be a toothbrush.
Beckett a tube of toothpaste.
I'm going to be in a box. Again. But no complaints, it's all by choice. 
More specifically, I'm going to be dental floss. 
Need we be reminded of my love for all things matchy-matchy
So excited for the upcoming get-togethers, parties, and Halloween-ing.


Krista said...

It says the video is private so I'm unable to view it.?

I'm not really a cat person, but I can't help but adore baby girl cat. She's not your typical snotty cat! Can't WAIT to see the costumes!!

Alisa said...

Whoops, just fixed it, thanks for the heads up!

And thanks, she's a super snot when she's hungry and not being paid attention to... So more often than not! She actually kept waking us up last night but was probably hungry... currently off my good side. She is really sweet though and loves people so she's easy to forgive!

Melissa K said...

WHATTTTT!!! I'm going to be a tooth!!! Can I be in your family!!??

Alisa said...

Ooo I'm SO excited to see your costume Melissa!! And I think you are the foundation for our family, you're the reason we exist! HAH! See you tomorrow!